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Will I have privacy?

Yes, each room is a private one with full-blackout curtains and a lock if extra privacy is needed.

Are pets allowed?

No, unfortunately, we do not allow pets.

Can I split the rent with my partner or a friend?

Yes, but there is an extra-charge of 10€/day for extra people or guests.

Can I add/remove furniture in my room?

There are extra chairs available in storage if needed. If you dislike a certain chair or piece of furniture in your room, let us know and we can put it in storage. But please make a formal request to us before making any changes yourself.

Is there a designated space for work?

Yes, the main area of the co-living space functions as a co-working space during normal working hours, 9am - 7pm. For private calls or Zoom meetings, every single room is equipped with high-speed Wi-FI (800-1000mbps) and a private workstation to do your calls.

What types of people will I be sharing the home with?

Our co-living space is designed for individuals who seek the perfect balance between work, socializing, and fitness. Your housemates will all be remote workers. that have busy work weeks but still try to prioritize the early morning or afternoon surf session and then want to end the evenings socializing with you and the other house guests over dinner and a glass of wine. During the weekends, we like to throw larger events such as BBQs, social gatherings, or parties, but it is still common for people to call it an early night if they are trying to get up early the next morning for surfing.


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